cropped-YouthSport-LOGO-1-WEB1.jpgTHE PROJECT

The sport environment offers great potential for the professional and social development of young people and local communities. Youthsport promotes the social value of sports and proposes a vision and a model of management for the sport environment within which the sports club fully implements its role as a social actor and important stakeholder in the network of services to the local community.

To promote this vision and make it a reality, Youthsport offers a specific and innovative training opportunity in Europe, formally recognising the competences acquired during training, through a European Passport for “Young community sports entrepreneurs”, based on the Europass model.

YOUTHSPORT works with young Europeans between 18 and 30 years of age, with a passion for sports and an interest in starting or continuing a training programme on self-entrepreneurship. Youthsport is based on training modules focused on management of social sport enterprises.  Elements of Social Economics and Business Management will be combined with notions relating to social disciplines, to offer a new way of creating entrepreneurship, which can indentify community needs and generate benefits for the local area.

YOUTHSPORT is a European project funded within the Erasmus+ Programme by the Italian National Agency for Youth (Agenzia dall’Agenzia  Nazionale Giovani).

Overall objective of the project is the creation and implementation of an innovative and unique training programme for the development of key competences to stimulate  youth entrepreneurship in the sports environment. The training programme, innovative in Europe, combines the principles of social economy with management of the sports environment.